English learners:
Do you feel like you aren’t learning English fast enough?
Do native English speakers talk too quickly for you to understand?

English teachers:
Are you looking for resources to help your students practice listening skills?
Would you like ready-made lessons that help with listening, speaking, reading AND writing, all in the context of American culture?

Learning English is hard – especially understanding while listening. The Slow American English podcast can help. Every month I write a short text about life in the USA, and I read it slowly so you can practice your listening skills. And you can read a free transcript on the podcast website, too.

For even more help with English, become a patron of the podcast. For a small monthly fee, you will get exercises and other study materials to go with the free podcast and transcripts.

Each month I write and plan a self-contained lesson that benefits students AND teachers. Students can learn English faster using the exercises. Teachers can save time with the ready-made lessons. Each lesson can be used not only for listening, but also for reading, speaking and writing.

Furthermore, I combine all exercises, transcripts and answer keys into a workbook every year that you can buy on Amazon.

What English learners and teachers are saying (some editing has been done for clarity):

  • “Thank you so much for your help.”
  • “It is nice for beginners of American English learners.”
  • “…Hearing your podcast is an opportunity for learning the American culture. That makes it unique. I do enjoy it…”
    -Jackson Duarte
  • “Thank you, Karren, and greetings from Spain. I’ve just found for the first time your blog and podcasts. I’ve learned English at school for 12 years, but since 20 years I’ve not it practiced, then I’ve forgotten a lot. Your Slow English is that what I need to re-start learning my forgotten English. The best of all: it’s free, no payments! Wonderful! Thank you again. I hope to learn a lot with your podcasts and transcriptions.

About me:

I’m Karren Doll Tolliver, American, female, and ESL teacher. I have a bachelors degree in English and a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate for English-Language Teaching for Adults). I’ve taught in the Czech Republic and Germany, and I understand what it’s like to learn a different language. I currently teach online in Colorado – my students are in many other countries.

I am also an author, blogger, editor, freelance writer, photographer and home cook – with many other interests as well.

When I looked for an ESL listening podcast for my students, I found none. So I created the Slow American English podcast in 2014. Now, thousands of English learners – and teachers – worldwide listen to the podcast and read the transcript online to make English-learning easier.

Are you one of them?

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